Meet Johanna

Johanna founded Johanna Brierley Jewellery Design in 2007 after applying her lifelong fascination with jewellery in its many forms. Johanna is known primarily for her Lucky Stone Collection, which is inspired by unique hole stones found on the shores of Lake Winnipeg in Gimli, Manitoba.

These stones, which can be found on beaches all over the world, have influenced Johanna's jewellery design since childhood, forming the basis for her first collection in sterling silver. These "lucky stones" continue to play a role in her jewellery design, which has grown to include the Confetti Collection, Bridal, and countless custom and one-of-a-kind pieces fashioned in both sterling silver and gold. She has spent the last several years expanding her gold collection in particular, taking inspiration from nature, film, literature, travel, gemstones, and art.

The work is increasingly process driven, influenced by her passion for sourcing exceptional and antique gemstones, as well as by the world around us. Her approach is cross-disciplinary, working backward from her passion for exploring unique places and collecting interesting objects. Although Johanna cast her first lucky stone in silver in 2000, naming it Lucky in Love, it was only after Johanna completed her Masters in Literature at McGill University in 2005 that she turned her attention to making jewellery professionally.

Her time studying jewellery at George Brown College in Toronto and the practical experience gained by working with established jewellery designers motivated her to start her own company. As a result of Johanna's creativity, talent and passion, JBJD has grown exponentially over the last 15 years, and her work can be found in retailers all over North America. When she isn't travelling the world seeking experiences and inspiration, Johanna works in her studio in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.